Welcome to the Crazy!

People are crazy.

That's the sum of it, really - people are nuts, bonkers, cards short of decks, fries short of Happy-Meals. And it seems that the people we know are crazier than most.

The people we're *related* to? They make the rest of you look boring.

We wanted to share some of the crazy with you, in the hopes that we can contribute to your delinquency at work, keep you from studying, or prohibit your productivity in any way possible - but mostly so that we can help you laugh. At least a little. And then, when you're used to laughing, we'll cut the supply and make MILLIONS on the black market!

Joanie and I both love to tell stories, and MAN do we have stories to tell! We like to talk about such diverse topics as our crazy families, food, our crazy employers, travel, our crazy marriage, food we eat while traveling, and so on - so be prepared to read lots about crazy people eating, because we sense that this will be a recurring theme within our blog.

Chances are, if you have said or done something in our company, we found it funny. If what you said or did was awesomely stupid or stupidly awesome, you will probably see yourself written about here. Everybody's fair game!

The plan is for us to update on Tuesdays, so look for new stories then to get you through the post-Monday blues. We will probably use this as a space to recommend other ways for you to pour even *more* of your life's precious, waning moments down the yawning maw of the Interweb. At some point, we might even force you to endure some form of mind-sucking ad presence so that we can eat actual food, since we both love food. And living indoors. But that's a long way away. For right now...

First real post will be Tuesday, January 18.

Just enjoy the crazy.