You may be looking at that title going, wha...?

SHMILY came from a devotional book given to us as a wedding present. We weren't a huge fan of the book, but in the intro, the author talked about how he and his wife would leave secret notes for each other, written in frost on the car, a sticky note on the toilet seat, etc.--SHMILY, which stood for "see how much I love you."

We thought this was really cute, and tried to start doing it.

Problem is, Michael and I are pretty forgetful. When we'd find a note, it was hidden so long ago that the "hider" of the note usually didn't even remember putting a sticky note in the other person's shoe. Or wherever.

But last year, while bargain shopping for my yearly post-Easter gluttony of candy, I found these:

These hilarious little birds were fifty cents. How could I not buy these?

I arranged them on the kitchen table. Michael came home, saw them, and when he commented on them, I said, "what birds?"

See, I like to make Michael explode with laughter. Which takes the element of surprise.

The next day, when I came home, the birds were gone. Michael had hidden them from me, and when I opened my jewelry box to put away that day's earrings, there they were.

Looking at me.

And so began our own SHMILY tradition.

To our readers: may you and the one you love find your own crazy tradition. Happy Valentine's Day!