That novel you're writing?

From Joanie:

Michael and I both love to write. And by love, I mean alternately love, hate, mourn over, pore over, and otherwise hope that what comes out by banging our heads on our keyboards turns out better than Twilight.

To that end, Michael has been writing, for two years now, a novel. And he just finished it. It is still in its early stages--yet to be read by the closest of friends and family, and then heavily edited.

But then he's going to submit it to publishers and literary agents.

I tell you this because as our regular pool of readers,we desperately want you to buy his bookwant to share it with you.

We will keep you updated on where the book goes. To that end, I am also in the process of novel writing...chapter 1. Four paragraphs and then a blinking cursor and blank screen.

This is often the case for the posts we come up with on the blog--sometimes they flow out easily, what with all the inspiration of crazy things happening to us on an almost daily basis. Other times, not so much.

So we ask you, dear readers, to please keep us going. It's not always easy to get up at 6am (and yes, that's when we work on this) and write. If you're not a follower of the blog, please do so. And if you have a favorite story, or you enjoy what we post, please share it with family, friends, colleagues, etc. on facebook and via email.

We write to share our lives and our laughter. We have found from many of you that it has made a sour day turn to giggles or reminded you of your own Crazy. Thank you for that--it means the world to us. And we will continue to bring our Crazy to you.