A conversation over meatballs.

Joanie: So when we start with the kids thing. How many do you think you want?

Michael: Not sure. Three? Four?

Joanie: See, I was thinking more. Lots of kids, the original life-insurance!

Michael: I like it, but what do we say when people ask whether we’re Mormon or Amish?

Joanie: Or Catholic.

Michael: Right, or Catholic!

Joanie: I think it’s silly that people judge families with lots of kids. I mean, really, it’s our choice. And I want to adopt some, too.

Michael: I’m cool with that. So how many are you thinking, in total?

Joanie: Probably five or six. Or seven. Make it an even ten.

Michael: Twelve. No, thirteen. Has to be thirteen.

Joanie: … Why?

Michael: Well, we can start a Partridge-family type kids’ folk band with a Christian slant and call it … are you ready? You’re not ready. Tell me when you’re ready.

Joanie: To hit you? Oh, I’m ready.

Michael: We call it The Maker’s Dozen!

Joanie: I want a divorce. Or maybe just more meatballs.