From Joanie:

Usually, we tell stories about the crazy. But sometimes, the crazy just comes our way. Yesterday, it came in the form of a rejection email for a new operetta company that I sent my resume to several weeks ago. I didn't even remember sending my materials to them, but I surely remember them after the email that compares sopranos to cats in a shelter:

We at [Company Name Left out to protect the Crazy] would like to sincerely thank you for your interest in our light opera festival.  Being new, we weren’t sure what kind of response we’d receive, and were thrilled by the choice of amazing talent we saw.
However, we only needed one soprano, and we offered a contract to the one we thought best fit our needs.  She’s a wonderful singer and actress, and as fate would have it, came very close to the ideal we had in mind for the roles. 
This puts me in mind of how I felt when I adopted a cat from the shelter.  I selected a wonderful kitty who was a loyal companion, but cried the whole way home because I had to leave all the others behind.  I think next year we need to look for operettas that require multiple sopranos, because we know there would be no problem in casting!
We wish you the best of luck on your next audition, and hope you will keep [Name left out to protect the Crazy] in mind for next year.
Best regards,
[Name Left out to protect the Crazy]
Artistic Director