From Joanie:

Here is a conversation I had in the second grade that I have never been able to forget. It explains a lot about me:

Classmate: How many New Kids on the Block tapes do you have?

Joanie: Zero. How many Beethoven tapes do you have?

Classmate: Who’s in Beethoven?

Joanie: Nobody- it’s just Beethoven.

Classmate: What songs does he do?

Joanie: They’re not songs, they’re symphonies.

Classmate: What’s a symphony?

Joanie: It’s longer, and has instruments, played by an orchestra.

Classmate: Oh. Can I borrow your Beethoven tapes?

Joanie: Sure.

The next day...

Joanie: Here’s my Beethoven tape with Symphonies 7, 8, and 9.

Classmate: What’s with his hair?

Joanie: I don’t know.

Classmate looks at tape, hands it back to Joanie.

Classmate: I don’t think so. Do you want to borrow my New Kids on the Block tapes?

Joanie: No thanks, I like Beethoven.