Joanie Hates Chochkies

In honor of national poetry month, from Joanie:

I do not like chochkies.
I do not like baubles,
or doodads, or beads.
I do not like keepsakes or small framed vignettes.
I do not like dusting or cleaning said pets.
I do not like Royal Doulton or milk glass
or stoneware crocks emblazed with my class,
I do not like gravy boats made of china
or old signs once displayed in a diner.
I do not like silver that has to be polished,
Or making my home look like it should be demolished.
I do not like Lenox or Waterford or Swarovski,
I hate to display or to see such junk-ovski.
I do not like statues of chickens, roosters or hens
Why cover bedrooms and kitchens and dens?
But someone I love gives me a present one day
Just a tiny trifle that I can display!
And I love it because I love him who gave it,
So it goes on a shelf where I’ll see it a bit.
So chochikes fill what was once empty space
Though I still love to be neat—they each have their place.
So I’ve now got my chickens, I’ve now got my keepsakes,
Oh no! What the dickens! Please put on the brakes!
Some chochkies are good, as they remind me
of travel or family or love as it be.
But a hoarder I’ll be not
So please no more gifts!
Except this one thing that I can’t live without
This tiny little chochkie that can go right there
Between a few others (though they mess up rhyme scheme).