I used to play bass for... Part II

From Joanie:

In a previous post, Michael and I mentioned our inside joke of "I used to play bass for." Take certain sentences out of context, and suddenly, they become phenomenal band names. We've kept track of some of the best, and here they are.

I used to play bass for:

Intrinsically Calcified Materialists Everywhere

Arresting Ladies of the Night

Locked in the Bank

Raking the Grass

Residual Mucous

Eggs of Some New-Moneyed Insect

Uncultured Masses

Picturing Your Jiggly Bits
(with the hit single, Jiggly Jiggly Hey Hey)

Name Brand Cheese

Piles of Wrong

Slow Mo High Kick

Sober Public Urination

Collateral Weird

Without Wenches and Gambling

Crusty Bulge

Glitter and Be Gourd

Designated Spider Killer

Murderous Cuddles

The Paula Deen School of Choreography

High Kicks for Ganesh

Trampy Amish Cow

Fickle Incision

New bands out there, feel free to select your band name. I used to play bass for "Select Your Band Name."