Five. FIVE! Seriously, five.

- by Michael

This Friday is our anniversary.

Five years ago - five years - Joanie and I stood up, she wreathed in a beautiful dress and me in a suit that I'm sure managed to be wrinkled within moments of its ironing, and made a set of promises to one another, to our families, to our community, to God.

We reminded ourselves that love is patient, kind, and hopeful, among other things, and promised to strive to represent those qualities in our lives together. We promised love and honor to one another (not so much the obeying, which is good, as we are both incredibly stubborn people and likely would have been bad at that bit). We promised to take care of one another in any circumstance that happened to come our way.

And man, have these five years been full of circumstances!

Starting with moving our stuff into one apartment in sun-hammered Waco, Texas, we have moved a total of seven times - many, many more if you count the various long-term out-of-town engagements that both of us have had, but we won't for today.

We have been unemployed, underemployed, badly abused in employment, suddenly and amazingly blessedly employed, and on occasion frantically overemployed.

We have dined upon delicacies in fine restaurants around the country, and eaten peanut-butter sandwiches for a week until payday.

We have taken care of one another while sick, and then taken a turn being sick as we never can seem to figure out how to avoid sharing.

We've learned how to create stained glass, how to bake our own bread and make our own yogurt, how to fight without actually wounding one another, how to clean and go grocery shopping together without wanting to kill each other, how to get in/out of bed without waking the other up (some of the time, at least).

We've shared laughs, cries, books, movies, songs, stories.

We've supported one another through personal crises, through audition seasons and writer's block, through losing friendships, through days when the whole world seemed sour and gray and we wanted nothing more than to crawl under blankets and hide until it all just went away.

We've put more miles on more cars than any two people have any right, and have traveled to almost every state east of the Mississippi (not to mention Peru!).

All this, and so much more - and you know what?

It'll do for a start. But we've got so much more story to tell - and I can't wait to see how it all comes out.