Sisterhood of the Traveling Grey Sweatshirt

From Joanie:
A few months ago, my sister Kate came to visit and left her favorite grey sweatshirt at my apartment. We decided it would be easier to for me to bring it to her over the holidays rather than mail it to her. Not long after, she had a bad day. So I sent her a series of photos of me, wearing her sweatshirt, doing all sorts of touristy New York City things.

She had a rough week last week, so I thought it would be nice to replay the adventures of the sweatshirt on the blog:

Kate's sweatshirt rides the subway, takes a subway selfie.

Kate's sweatshirt waits in line at the post office, and fumes at how slow and poor the customer service is.

Kate's sweatshirt arrives at Grand Central.

Kate's sweatshirt goes outside Grand Central.

Kate's sweatshirt visits an outdoor market. 

Kate's sweatshirt enjoys a slice of 99 cent pizza.

Kate's sweatshirt is revolted by Times Square. Just. Ew.

Kate's sweatshirt ice skates at Bryant Park.

Kate's sweatshirt reads a book at the New York Public Library.

Kate's sweatshirt relaxes at home with a Brooklyn Lager.