Leaving Lent

From Joanie:

At New Year’s, Michael and I made several resolutions. Mine were to write daily, and to floss daily. Both are necessary things, but that sometimes fall by the wayside for such important tasks as watching more television or going to bed 30 seconds earlier.

We’re not really that into New Year’s resolutions, partly because they’re so difficult to keep up. We prefer Lent, that 40 day hiatus or devotional practice of doing something that is healthier or spiritually refining. It helps that it is temporary.

One year in Lents past, Michael gave up caffeine and I gave up refined sugar. That we didn’t murder each other in the first two days is a testament to our undying love for one another. And that Oreo and Coffee withdrawal is not the end of the world.

We ended that practice on Easter Sunday with two French presses of Mexican black tar heroin coffee and an omelet made of Cadbury crème eggs.

Breakfast of Champions

And then I went into a diabetic coma, and DIED.

This season of Lent, we decided to limit our television watching to just one show daily, so, tops, 45 minutes a day of television, rather than just letting Hulu or Netflix casually move on to the next show while we sit in a vegetative state on the couch.

This lasted for a whole…House of Cards season II! Unlimited Dr. Who!

Sorry, Jesus.

So while our Lenten-less-TV was a fail, we did manage to feel incredibly guilty over it. Needless to say, there will be no Cadbury omelet this coming Eastermorning.

However, we will continue to strive for betterment, personally and spiritually.

Now if you will excuse me, I have some writing (and flossing) to do.

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