That Took a Weird Turn

That Took a Turn Somewhere

-by Michael

What follows is an actual text conversation between me and my wife. Be warned: we are weird.

Joanie: I’m eating at a specialty meatball place. Do you miss NYC yet?

Michael: yes. Very yes. Where is that?!? I want to go to there. (Yes, we really do talk in a mashup of Homestar Runner and 30 Rock quotes.)

Joanie: Chelsea, near rehearsal. And yes, yes you do.

Michael: Unholy Cthulhu that looks incredible.

Joanie: Are you engaging in Cthulhu worship at Chautauqua?

Michael: It seems appropriate.

Joanie: Because I am not cleaning up after your descent into madness.

Michael: His Presence beneath the lake would explain so very much!

Joanie: Cult of Cthulhu Reformed, or Orthodox?

Michael: Enlightened Post-Reformed, actually. It’s based on a historical/progressive reading of the Necronomnomnomicon.

Joanie: I just shot meatballs out of my nose.