Looming Deadline

From Joanie:

I have a deadline tomorrow for an article, and after gathering my notes this morning, I:

1. Spent an hour and a half playing on the internet

2. Did a full vinyasa flow yoga workout

3. Made lunch, and made dinner ahead

4. Ate lunch while double screening: playing a movie and playing on the internet some more

5. Played with the cat

6. Took a nap (I blame the cat, she was sleepy and said it was a good idea)
I can haz nap?
7. Practiced for upcoming auditions

8. Printed some music for a gig

9. Repaired a ripped shirt

10. Baked two kinds of cookies (and before starting, I realized I was out of brown sugar, so I made a grocery run to pick some up)

11. Practiced for a few upcoming gigs

12. Organized paperwork into one neat binder that I've been meaning to do for a few months

13. Called a customer service rep for something I've been avoiding

14. Filled out three applications for singing gigs

15. Paced around the living room muttering to myself


16. Wrote this blog post.

Word doc is still empty for the article due tomorrow. 

Off to hang some hooks and organize my scarves, alphabetize the spice cabinet, and read a Ken Follett book. THEN I am totally going to work on that article.