Completely Rational

From Joanie:

When you live in NYC, just like anywhere else, you have bad days. But because NYC does everything bigger and louder, a bad day can't just ever be a bad day and be done. It has to be obnoxiously bad, and so completely rational responses to things just happen:

My coworker was leaving for work when she noted that her neighbors left a large trash bag, brimming with takeout containers, next to the trash chute. As they're on the first floor, this is an invitation for the rats to just come on in! So she opened the bag and dug through it till she found a receipt with the person's name on it, found their apartment number from the mailbox list, and left the bag of trash hanging on their door. She then washed her hands and left for work, knowing full well she would be late. Completely rational.

Completely. Rational. 
Completely  [expletive deleted] Rational.