I Used to Play Bass For - part III!

- by  Michael AND Joanie

This is becoming a CCC tradition! We've received a slew of great band names from overheard conversations, and some were even sent to us from friends asking if they would "make the cut" for another  "I Used to Play Bass For..." post. 

Keep in mind, all of these were naturally occurring conversational phenomena. If you want to see the earlier incarnations, here's number one and here's number two.

I used to play bass for:

Bad Leggings

Deceptively Heavy

The Equipment to Create Spleens

I'm Usually a Flan Person

Donkey Riding Goat Herder

Sad Lumpy Pillow

Ornery Old Cuss

Objects of Curiosity

Hungry Londoners

Business End

Rock or Something

Vending Nostalgia Through Bargains

Monoliths of Evil

Second Hand Love Cuffs

Officious Pepper Pots

Conneisseurs of Scrapple

Polyester Bear

Riddled With Amphibians

Maudlin Navel Gazing


Lovecraftian Sausage Monster

Joyless Execution of Ruthless Precision

Upsetting Fosse

Bread and Quarter Tones

Death and Cake

Unvarnished Lust